Polish version
Socrates Comenius - Praga 2006

     In days 19th-22th October 2006 we took part in partner meeting in Prague. Representatives from all cooperating countries have arrived.

We met with the mayuor of MODRANY (Czech school is located in this district), who told us about czech's educational system. We had a chance to watch pupils presenting their vocal, dance and intrumental skills during the folklor evening performance. We all leanred salsa from Salsa's champion - RUBENS from Dominikana.

On the next day, each school had a small presentantion about itself. We presented a short movie from our school. We prepared a short survey about the dance traditions in our pupils' familie. The results will be presented on our website. We will also begin to exchange e-mails between our pupils.

We also took part in many meetings and discussion. We enjoyed every day of our stay there.