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    Hello and welcome everybody to our website, dedicated to the Comenius project, which is being realised by our school.

The following project has been realised with the financial support by the European Union. The content of the project does not reflect the statement of the European Commision nor the National Agency in any matter and these institutions cannot be held with any responsibility.

The Comenius project is the international European Union's project, which main goal is to promote the european awarness in educational processes. It helps both - pupils and teachers to train the feeling of membership to the open society of the european culture - the society that has different cultures, traditions, however with the same history roots.

COMENIUS it is the challenge for almost 350thousand schools in Europe and for the 69 milion pupils of them. It supports every activity, which aim is to lift the schools' educational level. It has the aim to enrich and fill the educational

COMENIUS contribute to raising level of education through:

  • Supporting the international cooperation between many schools and teachers

  • Encouraging the parcipating schools to create the modern methods of learning and educational materiale

  • Promoting the integration for pupils with special educational needs and promoting the equality in every education's sectors

  • Promoting the IT technology in school education

  • Promoiting learing of the foreign languages

  • Promoting the interculture arwness in european school education, and supporting the fight agains rasism and ksenophobia

  • Raising the level of education for the national minorities