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"Caring for your health - healthy eating."

     At the end of March, we organized a three-day series of classes devoted to healthy eating. Topic of the project was: "Caring for your health - healthy eating."  The aim of the course was:
- acquaintance with the principles of healthy eating,
- wake interest in own health,
- development of healthy eating habits,
- an awareness of the importance of vitamins to human health,
- the acquisition of skills to use various information sources and uses.
    Class did various tasks. Students in grades first and second prepared menu, healthy food pyramid, fruits and vegetables salads. Third grade students performed posters dedicated to the principles of healthy eating and nutrition albums of different products (dairy products, fruits, vegetables, meat, fish flour products). Summary of the project was undertaken by the first grade students healthy sandwiches, by the second grade students of fruit juice and salads, and third grade students made a fruit salad and vegetable. These were interesting and funny foods, such as cars with cheese, pickles on a train with radishes, a snake with peaches in jelly, mushrooms with eggs, tomatoes and boats with cheese, a clock with vegetables, threatening sandwiches. After all the tasting took place in prepared dishes. Children ate with relish colorful sandwiches and salads. All of them very liked it. Students belonging to the ecological circles prepared staging "Deathstalkers vitamins."